UK Safer Internet Programme

CEOP, the IWF and NSPCC form the UK's Safer Internet Centre as part of the European Commission's Safer Internet Plus Programme.

CEOP are the UK's awareness node, responsible for empowering and protecting communities online.

As part of this role, CEOP are undertaking an 18-month project ending in January 2011 that aims to empower children and young people through information and education; and to help make the internet safer by design.

The objectives of the programme include:

  • to raise awareness of and promote online safety;
  • to develop and deliver new education and awareness materials to children, young people, carers and parents on internet security and safety;
  • to work with industry and other stakeholders to make the internet a safer place by identifying and promoting good practice and supporting the development and adoption of new tools and new technologies; and
  • to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise across the UK and across Europe.

Activity will include design and development of online and offline education materials aimed at key stages 1, 2, 3 and 4; conferences aimed at education professionals; Industry workshops to promote safer by design, and liaison with other EU nodes through the INSAFE network and the European Commission (EC)

This activity is driven by CEOP’s Harm Reduction Faculty.